Directed by Matty Steinkamp
Produced by Mango Skies
Produced by Brandon Decker
Produced by Tracy Perkins

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This film features musicians, educators, and organizations showing us the importance of music and music education in publics schools.


Sponsors and Producers
Mango Skies || Strawberry Hedgehog || A Cappella Syndicate || Minds Eye Digital Recording Studio || Musicians Tool Kit



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play || a documentary film featuring musicians from all over the world sharing the simplicity of their instruments without any amplification. The film showcases amazing people doing wonderful things to help keep music in schools and accessible to our children. The film covers writers, makers, producers, students, teachers and whole bunch of passionate people with one amazing thing in common, they love music! A few of the performances and interviews include the following players:

Siobhan Hogan
Noel Moran
Julian Davis
Michael Carter
Bob Hoag
Marc Oxborrow
Freddie Reyes
Brandon Decker
Phelan Parker
Mark Allred
Henri Benard
Danny Torgersen
Taylor Upsahl
Mike Upsahl
Dave Wish, Little Kids Rock
Nate Anderson, Little Kids Rock
Gary Steinkamp
E.N Young
Isaiah January

Filmed by Matty Steinkamp

Mixing and Mastering by Larry Elyea of Minds Eye Digital Studio

There is an ongoing battle to find funding for Arts and Music in education. I hope this film allows us all to see the importance of music and that our children deserve the right to play.

Production Credits:


Location Assistance

Matt Malloy
Teresa Propeck
Mesa Unified School District
Dobson High School
Last Exit Live
McDowell Mountain Music Festival
Crescent Ballroom
The Cliffs Of Moher
Mesa Arts Center
Facebook Campus
Verde valley Railroad

Audio Production Assistance

Brian Stubblefield
Jelly Bean Audio
Kwss 93.9FM
TMI Radio Show

Additional filming by

Birds Eye View by Kyle Smith

Isaiah January Interview and Performance by Brian Dunham

Additional Footage provided by SICFIT

Produced by

Mango Skies
Strawberry Hedgehog
Brandon Decker
Larry Elyea

Recorded on the Iphone Smartlav from Rodes using the Rode Apple Iphone App

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Copyright 2015 Matty Steinkamp